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Salisbury Circle President 2020-2022  -  Adrian Holloway

I joined The Catenian Association and Salisbury Circle in January 1981, not so long after my father John Holloway had formed the Circle in 1972 and became the first President of Salisbury. Over the years I have been President a few times. I have now, once again, been given this honour, in what I can only describe as the most difficult times that 95% of our current population have faced in their lifetimes. The only thing worse being the dreadful loss of life during the second World War, but even that did not threaten the lives of every single man, woman and child of the United Kingdom! The only things we can do at this time and that we must do is firstly, pray to Almighty God for his Divine intervention in finding a cure for this dreadful disease. We cannot even pray together as for the first time ever in history the Churches of all denominations are closed. Therefore, we must offer our prayers individually as I’m sure all of us are already doing. We can at least get some form of contact through the various technological mediums that we have today, but it is definitely not the same as the real thing! Secondly, as a Circle we have to make sure we look after all Brothers and their families, so if any Brother needs help of any kind or is aware of someone who does, please do not shy away from letting me or any other Brother know, so that we can do whatever we can to provide that help.


Brother President, Adrian Holloway with his wife, Julie.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Immediate Past President, Jim Rolleston and his wife Francis for the excellent way in which he steered the Circle over the past year. A year which has been a very positive one in terms of enrolling new members and totally reversing the national trend. Also, many congratulations to them and the Circle for raising the fantastic amount of over £3000 for his two Charities. I would also like to thank Graham Brown for his many years of sterling work as Secretary of the Circle.

Obviously for the first few weeks and quite possibly months of my year, there will be no contact events like we are used to, so there is no visiting or social events on the calendar at the moment, but God willing we will come through this and be able to reintroduce a social programme when it is safe to do so.

For now, all most of us can do is wait and see what happens and I will do my best to guide the Circle through these uncertain times, in fact the only thing that is certain is the uncertainty that will be with us for some time to come, we will be feeling the effects of what we are living through now for many months and even years to come. Let us all lead by example and look after our own as well as others in any way we feel able to do so.

May God keep you safe and let us keep each other in our prayers.

Adrian Holloway

President of Salisbury Circle (266) of The Catenian Association

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